Discover The Profitable Amazon Business Model That Helped Me Scale To 6-Figure Revenues in 1 Year
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How to make profits every day selling already proven, already successful products on Amazon

Why you don't need to sell your own products or import anything from overseas to succeed with this model

How to get setup and profitable without large upfront costs or high risks. You won't need a warehouse, staff, customer support, or even a website.

Your FIRST STEP To Profit Begins With:

Earn Your First $1000

The Seller course is the PROVEN method to get up and running FAST and profitably so that you can get your FIRST $1000 in as little time as possible, without making the usual costly mistakes sellers make.

Master The Fundamentals

The Seller course is entirely designed to teach YOU the fundamentals of PROFITIBLY selling on Amazon using the FBA model. Just like in sports, focusing on the fundamentals FIRST will allow you to maximize your growth rate when you get to the next levels.

Get Up and Selling FAST!

The ideal timeline for a NEW Amazon seller to make their first FBA sale is 30 days. The Seller course puts you in position to make that a REALITY by teaching you the skills and giving you the knowledge to make the right decisions from day one.

Lifetime Access

The Ecommerce Straight Talk platform continues to evolve as the Amazon Platform does and you'll get lifetime access to the training, tips, tricks, and information as the course continues to grow and serve the seller community.

BONUS #1 (value: $792) Replen Sourcing Tool & Expert Keepa Evaluation Training

It's CRITICAL for Amazon sellers to be able to track and analyze the profitable items they have sourced and my CUSTOM tool allows for exactly that. The Replen Sourcing sheet will save you hours each week on reordering and product analysis and is still my go to tool in my 6-figure business. On Top of that ALL Amazon 3rd party sellers us the #1 Tool KEEPA, and I'm giving you the EXPERT training on how to best use that tool. Most sellers just know the very basics and miss out on untold profit by not using all the features of KEEPA to evaluate products.

BONUS #2 (value: $286) Equipment, Supply, & Software Resources

Knowing what equipment, supplies, and software you need when you start is critical to your growth because poor choices and bad buys can rapidly erode your starting funds. I have compiled and tested these resources on the best options for new sellers that are scalable, affordable, and functional!

BONUS #3 (value: $249) Secrets to Finding FREE Products

Learn exactly how you can find FREE profitable items to sell to get a jumpstart on rapid growth! This 3 part mini-course shows you exactly what products to look for, the FREE tools to use to evaluate them, and has a Facebook template included so that you can get others to GIVE you products for FREE!

BONUS #4 (value: $249) 12 Month Sales Goal Projection Plan

Goal setting and planning are critical in business and I have developed the perfect tool YOU can use to help do both in your Amazon business. This awesome tool allows you to forecast sales, fees, profits, and more over a 12 month timeframe. This allows you to set a goal and actually see what it will take to make it a reality! 

BONUS #5 (value: $169) Top Category Chart, Expense Tracking Tool, & Time Management Tool

As an added bonus you'll get the Top New seller category chart, designed to maximize your initial investment of time and money, as well as a custom New seller expense tracking tool so that you know what you're paying for and when, and finally the Proven time management tool that I use to this day to stay on track and on target! Your time is VALUABLE, use it wisely.

BONUS #6 (value: $49) Amazon Startup Checklist

The Ecommerce Straight Talk Amazon Startup Checklist is EXACLTY what a new seller needs to eliminate the initial guesswork and get fast-tracked to success and profit! These 10 steps answer the most common questions new sellers have and provide an order of importance that is critical to maintaining your rapid growth.

BONUS #7 (value: $47) Amazon Sales Rank Chart

Amazon sales ranks are one of the most misunderstood variables in selling on the Amazon platform. Without good tools it's incredibly difficult to determine if a products sales rank is good or bad. I put together a sales rank chart and update it monthly so that you don't have to guess anymore!
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Learn to Profitably Sell On Amazon
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